Haptic Controls

Haptic Controls – Comfortable and intuitive.

Our innovative and intuitive controls offer flexible and adaptable possibilities for integrating and managing the increased number of different devices and functions inside a vehicle. These include the radio and car phone as well as the navigation system, climate control unit or MP3 player. A host of different controls and control concepts enable us to satisfy the functionality and design requirements of different vehicle manufacturers.

  • Control Elements
    Control Elements

    Control Elements: Comfortable and intuitive.

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  • Curved Centerstack System
    Curved Centerstack System

    Haptic Controls: Comfortable and intuitive.

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  • Haptic Interaction Surfaces
    Haptic Interaction Surfaces

    The vision of the Haptic HMI Demonstrator is to “Simplify your HMI”.

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  • Morphing Controls
    Morphing Controls

    With Morphing Controls clean vehicle cockpit surfaces become intuitive user interfaces.

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